Overseas Education

Overseas education is the core activity of Yuranus Education. We represent over 45+ institutions across countries like Australia, US, UK, NZ & Canada, Singapore & Russia. Our visa success ratio, unmatched expertise in the industry and the unrelenting determination to offer the best sets us apart from the rest in the industry.

Overseas Education Consultancy Process

Step 1: Services at Yuranus Education begin with a free presentation of education in countries like Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia and Canada. Students are briefed about the education sector in these countries and given all information about admission procedures, visa procedures, financial requirements and other relevant information.

Step 2: The student is then welcomed to meet our trained counselors to discuss their case in person. Taking in consideration the academic track record of the candidate, his aptitude and future plans, the counselor suggests the best course and the best university that meet the requirements of the students.

Step3: Once the student selects the universities, Yuranus Education launches their application packages, secures admission and visas for the student and orients them to all pre-departure do’s and don’ts.