Classy Bride Personalized Mrs. Seersucker Pink Blush Virginia Beach Mall - Set Boxer $32 Classy Bride Personalized Mrs. Seersucker Boxer Set - Pink Blush Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Bride,Seersucker,Boxer,Personalized,-,Mrs.,Set,,/predemocratic203353.html,Blush,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pink,$32,Classy $32 Classy Bride Personalized Mrs. Seersucker Boxer Set - Pink Blush Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Classy Bride Personalized Mrs. Seersucker Pink Blush Virginia Beach Mall - Set Boxer Bride,Seersucker,Boxer,Personalized,-,Mrs.,Set,,/predemocratic203353.html,Blush,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pink,$32,Classy

Classy Bride Personalized Mrs. Seersucker Pink Blush Virginia Beach Ranking TOP12 Mall - Set Boxer

Classy Bride Personalized Mrs. Seersucker Boxer Set - Pink Blush


Classy Bride Personalized Mrs. Seersucker Boxer Set - Pink Blush

Product description

SHOP Personalized Mrs. Pajamas by Classy Bride. Our 100% cotton baby rib tank top and pink and white striped seersucker girly boxers are adorable! Give this set to the bride to be at her bridal shower or present it to her at her wedding so she can take it withe her on the honeymoon. This boxer pajama set is a special personalized gift for the bride to be to cherish for years to come. It is a practical keepsake that the bride will wear over and over again during her happily ever after! DETAILS: White tank comes with Mrs. in silver gray script lettering and your new last name in light pink to match the pink and white striped seersucker girly boxers. BOXER SPECIFICATIONS: Features a 1" inseam, false fly with buttons and comfy fit. 100% Cotton. Junior Fit Measure around your waist, or where you normally wear your pants. Place your index finger between your body and the tape to allow accurate fit. For a baggy fit add 2 – 4 inches to waist size. BOXER SIZES: S (0-2), Relaxed Waist 28"-29", M (4-6) Relaxed Waist 30"-31" , L (6-8) Relaxed Waist 32"-33", XL (10-12) Relaxed Waist 34"-35". Please note there are no returns or exchanges on our personalized pajamas.

Classy Bride Personalized Mrs. Seersucker Boxer Set - Pink Blush


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